Significant Brothers

Significant Questings - #1 A Night Out

That's right, the Significant Brothers are playing Dungeons and Dragons. Strap on your wizard hat and sharpen those daggers, our adventurers are going for a night out. 

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Ep. 30 The World’s End

This week on Significant Brothers we discuss the times the world almost ended. Brad tells us about apocalypse predictions from 1000 AD all the way to the 20th century. Kray tells us why Coronal Mass Ejections would be very bad and how we can do mostly nothing about it. Anna retales how the world almost suffered from a comet. Chase warns of a future Y2K.

Show Notes:

Coronal Mass Ejection
Comet Hyakutake
Year 2038 Problem


Ep. 29 Misconceptions

This week on Significant Brothers we talk about misconceptions. Chase tells us about this rad new sleeping concept, Anna covers Xmas to G.O.L.F., Brad explores the Tongue Map, and Kray explains how adding lanes will not help traffic. 

Show Notes

Ep. 28 Barry and Berries

This week on Significant Brothers we talk about the many homonyms of Barry. Kray finds his inner Fanilow, Anna talks about the ever bourgeois John, Duke of Barry, Brad discusses his favorite berry to eat, and Chase spins us a tale of buried (say it out loud) treasure.

Show Notes

Ep. 27 Nudity


This week on Significant Brothers we talk about everyone’s favorite color: nude. Anna tells us about modesty and bathing suits, Chase tell us why colonies are for ants not nudists, Brad talks about British suppression of Australian nude beaches, and Kray tries to find the line between nude art and nude “art”.

Show Notes

Stephen Colbert on Censorship

The Bathing Machine

Naturist Society (NSFW)

Nudist Resort (NSFW)



Ep. 26 Cult Phenomena

In this episode we talk about things that weren't popular and then became strangely popular.


Show Notes:

The Room

Rocky Horror Picture Show

DeLorean Motor Company


The Sorrows of Young Werther


Ep. 25 Conspiracy Theories

In this episode we talk about theories and conspiracies thereof.
Show Notes:

Ep. 24 Failed Spy Attempts

This week we talk about failed spy attempts, everything from kittens to Hitler. Join us on this journey as we talk about the fascinating Cold War, characters from Nazi Germany, and an interesting tale of espionage.

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Show Notes

Esther the Cold War Kitty

Acoustic Kitty


Mata Hari


Ep. 23 Fanfiction

Sometimes there exists something so large, and we know nothing about it. Today, that something is fan fiction. Join us in our journey of fan fiction, Don Quixote, and the Star Wars universe.

Harry Potter of School of Prayer and Miracles Audiobook



Ep. 22 Winter Festivities

In this episode, we talk about traditions affiliated with Christmas/winter.

Show Notes