Significant Brothers

Ep. 11 De Zwaan

This week we had the pleasure of talking to the grain miller Alisa Crawford about her and the windmill De Zwaan, an authentic Dutch windmill that was exported to Holland. Come hear about history, her job, and Dutch culture. Many thanks to Alisa for taking time out of her day to talk with us.
Tracks from the episode:
Dream Culture by Kevin Macleod 
© 2013 Kevin MacLeod
Déjà vu by Vurtuo System
© 2013 Virtuo System

Ep. 10 The War on Christmas

For our season finale we trace the history of the War on Christmas. Brad talks about Puritans, Chase tells us about some people called Spugs, and Kray talks about this War on Christmas going on today. Does this war even exist? Listen to find out.


Ep. 9 Thanksgiving

In this week's episode, we talk about Thanksgiving and how other nations celebrate the election of Squanto, our first president. Come along and learn about Hitler the Harvest Queen, the Lord of Harvests, and the feast at Leiden.


Ep. 8 Ghost Towns

This week's episode is about ghost towns. Join us on our ghost town world tour of the Netherlands, China, and the old wild wild West.



Ep. 7 Cults

This week we talk about what cults are and if the groups we talk about are actually cults (spoiler: two of them definitely are). Some come and listen to us talk about The Twelve Tribes, Knights of the Solar Temple, and the Branch Davidians.


Ep. 6 Magic

This week’s episode is about Magic! Brad tells of Scandinavian shamans and their not so scary magic. Chase recounts the tales of old British wizards who may or may not have been delusional. Kray discusses the evolution of magic and fairy tales from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance.


Ep. 5 Alternative Currency

The topic is alternative currencies, kind of like normal money except somewhat useless. Tulip bulbs, tea-brick money, and geographical currencies are all covered!

Note, Kray forgot to turn up his mic output volume, the end product being very strange audio, don't let it distract you from the content! Happy listening.


Ep. 4 Utensil Etiquette

This week we talk about utensil etiquette throughout the world, specifically American, European, and Southeast Asian styles of eating. What style are you?


Ep. 3 Antiquated Items

In this week's episode of Significant Brothers, we discuss old items that are holding on for dear life. Kray covers typewriters, Chase talks of film photography, and Brad discusses vinyl.


Ep. 2 Hammock

Today we ramble on about hammocks. The history, science, and correct verb usage.