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  This week on Significant Brothers we talk about everyone’s favorite color: nude. Anna tells us about modesty and bathing suits, Chase tell us why colonies are for ants not nudists, Brad talks abo...
April 1, 2017
In this episode we talk about things that weren't popular and then became strangely popular.   Show Notes: The Room Rocky Horror Picture Show DeLorean Motor Company Deadheads The Sorrows of Young We...
March 15, 2017
In this episode we talk about theories and conspiracies thereof.   Show Notes: Business Plot Ancient Astronauts Astronaut Cave Paintings Nazca Lines Obama's Reptile Guard Berenstain Bears Shazaam
February 24, 2017
This week we talk about failed spy attempts, everything from kittens to Hitler. Join us on this journey as we talk about the fascinating Cold War, characters from Nazi Germany, and an interesting tale...
January 25, 2017
Sometimes there exists something so large, and we know nothing about it. Today, that something is fan fiction. Join us in our journey of fan fiction, Don Quixote, and the Star Wars universe. Harry Pot...
January 11, 2017
In this episode, we talk about traditions affiliated with Christmas/winter. Show Notes Good King Wenceslaustheyulelog.comWassailing   
December 25, 2016
This week on Significant Brothers, we examine one question: why is everything in this small town of Holland, Michigan brick? Geeze, I guess you'll have to listen to find out why. We hope you enjoy. S...
December 15, 2016
The barber really has had quite an interesting history and was a great one stop shop for a long time. They did a lot more than cut your hair. So sit down, have a seat, take a snip snip. You'll look re...
June 30, 2016
In this episode we are joined by our sister as she navigates us through the fascinating (and sometimes bizarre) world of theater. Listen to us talk about the differences in theater size as well as a f...
June 15, 2016
Show Notes Settlers of Catan (The Novel)  Klaus Teuber  Competitive Gaming
May 31, 2016

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